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Klondike (18/1/2020)

Recently Troop 684 went on a camp out to Kandersteg for the annual Klondike trip. It was fun (however cold), but everyone enjoyed it and it was a really fun experience.


Murg Camping – April 2018

Murg Camping – Overview
The latest camping trip that we went on was at the lake near Murg train station and right next to the Walensee. The sun was out all the time during the day,it got a little cold at night, but overall it was a great outing. A highlight was the lake near the campsite because it made the campsite seem a lot more inviting, but the water was pretty cold! Another activity that we did was a 7 mile hike with a 1000 feet elevation gain and it was very tiring.
Troop684 Scribe
Activity Photos

Thalwil Hutte Campout

The scouts went to the Thalwil hutte 15-17 of September 2017.

19 boys were at the camp and 5 adults were there as well.

The scouts built campfires, went on an orienteering hike, cooked meals, carried water and slept in tents.